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Eclipse - 75ml Teapot - I

Eclipse - 75ml Teapot - I

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Black, iron-rich clay teapot. Only 75ml. It's super tiny! Its unglazed interior and small scale would make this a great pot for sheng, yancha, or other teas that play well with clay. This clay isn't particularly porous, so I am usually able to use a pot like this for more than one kind of tea, as long as they're not drastically different. 

All my pieces are unique and handmade by me (a non-robot human). Slight irregularities may be present, and are often intentional. Glazes may craze over time, and unglazed clay will develop a tea patina with use. My hands are very small, so please check the measurements to get an accurate idea of size. If you would like more photos or info on a piece, feel free to message me!

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